Iwakuni Explorer is a community where you can share your stories about living in Iwakuni and exploring Japan.  Share your stories, get ideas for future adventures, and maybe make some new friends! If you would like to contribute an article to our blog for future Iwakuni residents or visitors, please send us an email. What you will need for an article: a few pictures, a set of directions (maps and pins are great, but optional), relevant information (hours, prices, method of payment accepted, etc) and anything else that would be helpful to other travelers.

Iwakuni Explorer is not affiliated with any businesses, local or otherwise, and  we do not receive any compensation (monetary , goods, discounts, or services) for posting reviews and maintaining this website.  We are NOT the official source of information for Japan tourism or MCAS Iwakuni. 

There are a few rules that all articles and comments must follow:

1.  Be respectful of Japan and Japanese culture.  We’re guests and while we all get frustrated at one point or another, this is not the place to vent those frustrations.  Keep it positive and constructive.

2.  OPSEC.  Even though this blog is aimed at the American community living on and around MCAS Iwakuni, it is viewable to the public. Please do not post information that is not intended to be shared via social media regarding MCAS Iwakuni, its squadrons, personnel, or mission.

3.  Be respectful of each other.  It’s a small base, in a small town.  Let’s keep it civil.

4.  This website is ad-free and we intend to keep it that way.  In that spirit, please refrain from self-advertising personal business ventures.  However, to protect your copyright and intellectual/artistic property, we will allow personal or professional watermarks on your photographs if you are posting pictures in an article that you are submitting.

5.   Any contributing author who solicits compensation from businesses (in forms of monetary, goods, discounts or services) in exchange for posting reviews will lose posting privileges.

6.  Unless there’s a very good reason for it, we will not publish duplicate articles.  If you have information you would like to have added to an article, please do so in the comment section below each article or contact the author directly.  If you are interested in submitting an article, please contact one of us.

7.  Respect copyright and intellectual/artistic property.  Your articles and pictures submitted MUST be your own.

We, the admin, reserve the right to delete or edit any comments or articles that do not follow these rules.  Repeated offenders will lose posting privileges.


Have fun exploring — Japan is an amazing place!


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Peter Richter · March 22, 2014 at 6:27 pm

Hallo, in May 1990 my wife and I visited Hiroshima (we spent two weeks in Japan). We had a wonderful afternoon in Cafe Mozart, somewhere downtown Hiroshima. We got a little cardbord with the short piece of musical notes, we assume by Mozart. One of our friends could play it but neither she nor my wife did know the title of the music. I would appreciate if you could help me to find that out. With a proper email address I could attach the cardbord.
Thank you very much.
Regardsm Peter
My name and address: Peter Richter, Guttenbrunnstr. 34, 71067 Sindelfingen, Germany

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