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Maiko Transformation in Kyoto


SUBMITTED BY HATHAICHANOK GARCIA We booked a Maiko Transform experience at Studio Shiki a week and a half before we went to Kyoto.  The shop is located between Kodaiji temple and Kiyomizu temple, but it’s best to park at Kodaiji temple and walk there because it’s cheaper and closer. After we parked at the Kodaiji-temple parking lot, […]

Yamato Museum in Kure


SUBMITTED BY KRIS MURZYN Just northeast of Hiroshima is the port city of Kure. Kure was the greatest naval port city in the East, as well as the greatest naval arsenal in Japan, which built the world’s greatest battleship, the Yamato. The Kure City Naval History & Science Museum (Battleship Yamato Museum) will lead you […]

Owl Family Hakata

Owl Family Hakata

SUBMITTED BY HYLA ERNST We are still waiting to find out (officially) where our next duty station will be, and we are getting more nervous/excited by the day.  We’ve been telling ourselves that no matter where we end up, we’ll make the best of it.  In an attempt to practice what I preach, I made a list of […]

Kagekiyodo (Limestone Cave in Mine, Y...


SUBMITTED BY HYLA ERNST About a year ago, I stumbled upon a website that mentioned two other caves near the renowned Akiyoshido cave in Mine (pronounced Mi-Ne, not “Mine”) in Yamaguchi Prefecture and filed it away in the back of my mind.  That’s how most of our adventures begin really–a picture and breadcrumbs of information filed […]

Angkor Wat Without Crowds (Cambodia)


SUBMITTED BY HYLA ERNST “Arrive before the tour buses” has long been our travel motto.  It has worked well for us for over a decade and we’ve been able to see and enjoy many major tourist destinations completely, or almost completely, devoid of crowds.  For some people, this isn’t a big deal and that’s perfectly […]

Bizen Osafune Token Village

Bizen Osafune Token Village

Submitted by Megan Perry. This Village was a little smaller than we were expecting by still well worth a visit. It is not far Okayama city. This village consits of Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum, Toshimitsu Imaisumi Memorial Hall, Sword Forge, Bizen Osafune Working Studio and a gift shop. We were rather surprised to find […]

Ancient Ginkgo Tree at Tsutsuga Otosh...


SUBMITTED BY HYLA ERNST Spring is hands down my favorite season in Japan and to be honest, I get a little melancholy around November because it signals the end of flower festival seasons (Spring, Summer, and early Fall).  What really cheers me up is  seeing the leaves change around here.  We’ve been to a few great […]

Fossil Collecting in Mine, Yamaguchi ...


SUBMITTED BY HYLA ERNST Two and a half years into living in Iwakuni and we’re still finding plenty of unique things to see and do.  Over Columbus Day Weekend, we took the kids fossil digging in Mine city (about 1.5-2 hours away).  Yes, the same city where Akiyoshido Cave and Safari Land are located. Like most of […]

Ouchi Lacquer Ware (Lacquered Chopsti...


SUBMITTED BY HYLA ERNST Mitsuko-san and Akie-san, thank you very much for your help! Today I had another memorable “Japan Adventure” outing with a group of wonderful ladies.  Mitsuko-san and Akie-san over at Cultural Adaptation were so wonderful helping us with getting information and making reservations.  Getting there should have been fairly easy–I had a […]

Ikura Ravine, Cave and Falls in Niimi...


SUBMITTED BY SHANNON REUTER This place is simply great! A beautiful ravine with a spectacular waterfall dumping into it, right next to the entrance to a calcareous cave. So many of our favorite things all in one place! We found Ikura Ravine in the city of Niimi, Okayama Prefecture. When we arrived, the staff was […]